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The Slow Death - Interview 2013

Las cosas que cada uno se propone como elementales a la vida, aquello por lo que luchamos con más ahínco, las circunstancias de la vida que nos alegran y nos acercan más a la mentada felicidad. Esas singulares, y para algunos fútiles esfuerzos, son los momentos, las decisiones y el esfuerzo que más nos ayudan a concretar lo que queremos ser en realidad.

La otra vez escuche que decían que el desarrollarse profesionalmente en la vida no era realmente desempeñarse en estudios complejos, trabajos agobiantes y estresantes, carreras profesionales de muchos años, ni obedeciendo los caprichos de un jefe inmaduro. Lo que hay que hacer en la vida es lo que uno quiere y en lo que uno cree es capaz. La felicidad, de seguro, estará mucho más cerca. No hay dudas de que la vida es compleja y ardua, por lo mismo es necesario aliviar la carga del solo hecho de vivir en una sociedad que a veces es una maldita mierda. La felicidad si se puede abrazar con calidez, si puede ser sentida en nuestras almas. Si puede experimentarse día a día con más facilidad de lo que muchos creen y desmintiendo lo que muchos dicen. Aquellos que nos quieren hacer creer que jamás podremos ser felices, lo hacen y lo dicen con un solo interés claro. Ellos desean nuestra infelicidad, por que de esa forma nos transformamos en manipulables individuos sin voluntad.
Abajo todos esos razonamientos de desesperanza. Debemos de creer en nosotros mismos. Ser individualidades portentosas.

Siguiendo el destino que quiero establecer como eterno, aún persisto y voy construyendo la realidad me más me agrada. No estoy solo en esta cruzada, nunca más. Estoy seguro que muchos de los que leen estas palabras sienten parecido. Esperan lo mejor de la vida, están cansados de vivir lo que viven.
Queridos amigos, a ustedes les digo, nunca desesperen. Nunca desistan. Nunca se rindan. Siempre den la pelea. De frente a la vida.

Seguro de hacer lo que me hace feliz y seguro de querer seguir así, cada día que pasa pongo lo mejor de mí. Cada día me propongo seguir creciendo y llegar a ser aquello que anhelo.

Fruto del esfuerzo, hoy comparto una nueva entrevista. Stuart Prickett, guitarrista y uno de los principales compositores de The Slow Death. Con amabilidad y respeto ha respondido las preguntas que le envié. Un nuevo paso en esta loca vida.

Gracias a Stuart por su disponibilidad y por lo rápido de las respuestas, a pesar de estar sobrepasado por un inclemente incendio en Australia, supo hacerse de un tiempo para responder las preguntas de un desconocido.

Será hasta la próxima. No estamos solos en la vida. Un saludo a tod@s.

Disfruten la entrevista.

Felipe: Thanks for your time; I have enjoyed both of your albums. They are powerful, solid and very harmonic.
Stuart: Thank you! Glad you like them.

Felipe: Can you do a small introduction to the band? Members, path and records.
Stuart: We formed in 2007, at first just me (Stuart), Mandy and Gregg for the first self titled album which was released in 2008, but we added John to the lineup for the second album ‘II’ which was released last year. This year we extended the lineup with Dan and Brett for the new stuff. So our current lineup is Mandy Andresen – Vocals & Keyboards, Stuart Prickett – Rhythm & Lead Guitars & Keyboards, Gregg Williamson – Vocals, John McLaughlin – Drums, Dan Garcia – Bass and Brett Campbell – Lead guitar. I think the new material will be released early 2014.

Felipe: Can you explain the motivation to give form to "The Slow Death"?
Stuart: My main band at the time "Stone Wings" was very inactive and I was very frustrated with the situation so I decided to do another doom project, so I asked Gregg and Mandy if they were interested in doing it and they were, and the band grew from there. It didn’t take very long to write and record the first album.

Felipe: What influences you at the moment of the composition of the songs and who has takes the major responsibility of building the songs
Stuart: There’s nothing in particular that influences the composition, I just pick up a guitar and stuff will come to me. Musically I write most of the music, the song structure will be 95% done before I give the stuff to Mandy who adds keyboard parts and sometimes a bit of intro/outro stuff. Lyrically Mandy does everything, and she is responsible for all the vocal melodies that she does.

Felipe: What bands could you name who in one way or another has influenced you. Which are your personal preferred bands?
Stuart: I think we have our own sound now, I’ve been writing doom for twenty years now but I was definitely influenced earlier on by bands like "Cruciform", "Funeral", My Dying Bride", old "Anathema", bands like that. I listen to a wide variety of stuff myself, my personal favourite bands probably have no influence whatsoever in my writing style though.

Felipe: Which are your favourite’s metal bands?
Stuart: My favourite metal bands would be "Iron Maiden", "Dio", "Judas Priest", "Bolt Thrower", "Asphyx", "Forbidden", "Testament", "Evoken".

Felipe: You play live shows regularly? What kind of comments, of the fans and the expert medias, have you received about your last album.
Stuart: We’ve never played live and probably never will though I would like to. The last album got great feedback, much better than I expected, I think we have been lucky in that regard. It seems to be well liked.

Felipe: Are aware of the overall scene of doom? Highlight any band? Your musical tastes are closed to Doom or are varied.
Stuart: I’m very aware of the doom scene, I love doom and I’m in contact with a lot of great bands in the doom genre. My favourites would have to be "Aldebaran", "Officium Triste", "Evoken", "Omit" amongst others. I listen to a lot more than just doom though.

Felipe: What others bands that are not doom or metal do you listen to?
Stuart: Most of what I like is metal but I do love stuff like "Porcupine Tree", "Pink Floyd", "Sarah Blasko", "Agnes Obel", "Tina Dico", "Eagles". A lot of varied stuff.

Felipe: How old are you when you listen your first metal album and which was your first doom album listened.
Stuart: The first metal album i heard was The Final Countdown by "Europe" in early 1987 when i was 12. Not very heavy i know but i quickly got into other stuff and was soon obsessed with metal and have been ever since and i'm now 39, so a long time of metal obsession haha. The first doom album i probably heard was "Candlemass" - Nightfall but the first to make a massive impact on me was Forest of Equilibrium by "Cathedral".

Felipe: I had the chance to listened other Australian bands, some are Doom and others are Black Metal. Do you distinguish any Australian band?
Stuart: There are some great Australian bands, "Cruciform", "Innsmouth", "Stargazer", "Cauldron Black Ram", "Inverloch", "Johnny Touch". Many more too

Felipe: You have regular jobs aside of "The Slow Death"? How hard is to try to living the life playing Doom Metal in Australia?
Stuart: We all have regular jobs, there’s no way we could make a living from the music, it costs more to do than we make off the band, so we do it for the love of it, not for money. Doom is not very big in Australia.

Felipe: Several members of "The Slow Death" are involved in other bands, such as "Pallbearer", "Murkrat", "Stone Wings" an even "Mournful Congregation". Witch is relevance between band and band? How the members developed the work travelling and working in different musical projects?
Stuart: Most of us are in a few bands. Mandy is also doing "Murkrat" and "Crone". "Pallbearer" is Brett’s main band. John does many bands, "Backyard Mortuary", "Nazxul", "Pestilential Shadows" etc. I also do "Dark Epoch", "Backyard Mortuary" and "Mournful Congregation" ("Stone Wings" ended a while back). Dan and Gregg are currently only doing "The Slow Death".

"The Slow Death" is only a recording project so it doesn’t get in the way of anything else as we are never in a rush to do anything, we work at our own pace, which is slow! Travelling doesn’t come into it since we only record which is a good thing since Brett lives in the USA while the rest of us are in Australia.

Felipe: Is the time long enough to developed the work of be a musician and in the other side a part of a family?
Stuart: None of us are married or have children etc, so the family thing isn’t really a factor for us, and since it’s a recording only project it doesn’t affect us. Music for myself is a massive part of my life which I will never give up, I’m sure some of the others feel the same.

Felipe: From your words I understand that music is quite important to you. How important is the music to your life?
Stuart: Extremely important, most of what I love revolves around music and i am obsessed with it. The majority of my good friends I’ve made through music bonds and not a day goes by that i don't listen to music or play guitar etc.

Felipe: I realize that both of your Lps are an independent effort. How do you do with the cost, the sales and the distribution?
Stuart: We have our own studios to record so the cost is not very much and to press cds these days is very cheap. We did the first two ourselves although we had a few offers for the second one but we chose to do it ourselves. The first sold slowly but II sold really well immediately. The first cd has since been re-released by "Aurora Australis records". Luckily we’ve had a few really good labels and distros help distribute our cds which is helpful. The next album will be released through "Chaos Records" though on cd and lp, and they are also doing the vinyl version of "II".

Felipe: In my humble opinion, you are one of the most intensive, emotive an extreme Doom acts around. Does the fans and the critics say something alike.
Stuart: Thank you! I have found that a lot of people really love our music which is great. There’s no better feeling than when someone loves your music, particularly when you are the main songwriter! I think our songs have more feeling than the majority of funeral doom type bands. Really I write the doom that I want to hear, so it’s great that other people also love it. Live shows though, never.

Felipe: In reference of the future third full-length album, what can you talk about?
Stuart: It’s called "Ark". Like the first two albums it’s a concept album again, one that also ends up in massive disaster haha, the lyrics are really good. It’s 5 songs and an interlude track and probably our longest album to date. The first with Dan and Brett too. We are also doing a split album with "Majestic Downfall", which is 3 songs which we are also very proud of. The "Majestic Downfall" songs are killer too.

Felipe: Thanks for your time and your kind disposition. This space is for a personal thought or a goodbye.
Stuart: Thanks for the interview and support, much appreciated!

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