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Worship - Interview II 2014

Considerando que la vida es demasiado importante para no vivirla con fuerza y realizando aquellas cosas que definimos trascendentales, cada día que pasa se transforma en determinante. Cada día se convierte en una necesidad. Somos seres que vivimos los momentos, algunos no los consideran, nosotros los que creemos que la vida es importantísima y que es menester realizar acciones acordes a lo eminente, somos los que iluminadamente seremos póstumos.

Hoy me encuentro viviendo una instancia determinante e importantísima, totalmente apartada de mis responsabilidades académicas o profesionales, pero absolutamente ligada a mi porvenir. Pues en definitiva nosotros somos lo que deseamos ser.

La vida da vueltas y se presenta de las formas más incomprensibles e inesperadas, contenerla y dirigirla es difícil pero no imposible. Siempre podremos darle la vuelta y encontrar el sentido de todas las cosas. Mi blog a quedado lamentablemente relegado, no al olvido, sino que a un lugar de latencia. Esperando el minuto y el momento adecuado para “vivir”.

Si todos vivimos la vida según nuestras visiones y misiones esenciales, definitivamente pasaremos por momentos determinantes y límites. En nuestras almas está la sabiduría para tomar decisiones que creemos son in-entendibles para el resto pero llenas de lógica para nosotros. No temamos ese vil y carente de temporalidad “que dirán”, pues somos nosotros los que decimos y vivimos las circunstancias. El resto sabe muy poco de lo que es realmente vivir la vida acorde a significados y reflexiones. La espiritualidad no es tierra fértil para muchas personas.

Siendo una constante, me disculpo por el tiempo transcurrido. Agradezco a aquellos que aún leen lo que se publica en este lugar y agradezco a quienes están interesados en querer participar en la creación de un soñador. La esperanza, dicen por ahí, es lo último que se pierde. Esa actitud me hizo construir este lugar y es aquello mismo lo que me obliga a perdurar y sostenerlo. El tiempo y la vida resultan ser demasiados cortos si no los aprovechamos lo más que se pueda, por lo mismo es menester realizar cosas satisfactorias que nos hagan sentir lo sublime de la vida.

Agradezco, nuevamente, al distinguido amigo Daniel Pharos, el principal encargado de la agrupación alemana Worship. Su tiempo, disposición, simpatía y creatividad jamás podré olvidar. Ya van dos entrevistas que le realizo y definitivamente no creo que sean las finales pues así como crece y progresa su trabajo mi interés por querer saber más también aumenta. No pretendo detenerme en el camino, espero que Worship y Daniel tampoco.

Como siempre, un honor poder escribir y publicar. Espero disfruten esta nueva entrevista y solamente pido tiempo y paciencia. Hasta una próxima oportunidad. Disfruten la vida.

Felipe: Again Daniel thanks for your time. Had passed more than a year of your last album, “Terranean Wake” a reasonable time to make some reflections retrospectively. It’s a very epic album, counting the time of the duration of the songs and the number of them. What’s your opinion about this new musical effort?
Daniel: While I can never repeat or imitate those initial debut recordings with Max, my latest material feels the most advanced to me... Each album has its own strengths, but I think I am getting better at this... It can drive you insane to try to beat everything else you have ever done, because that never really works. Even if you would compile the best songs you have ever written, 2 or 3 might be even better than others... So, I try to give the best at the moment, letting my current thoughts, my current shade of darkness colour the writing...  I never say “this must be the new hit”, “this must be better than xy”...  I try to give the songs what they need until they can convince... This sometimes can take quite a while...
So, in the end, the album is very important to me, the mood hits me deep, and I take this one if I want to show somebody what my band does. Always a good sign.

Felipe: Which of the new songs of the “Terranean Wake” album satisfies you more lyrical and musically?
Daniel: While I like them all, “Fear is My Temple” might be the most personal song lyrics-wise yet. There is a lot of personal pain in that one, and music-wise it’s also my favourite of the album at most times. It’s a mood thing. But on the other hand, the album is also four parts of one song, so they all have an important part to play.

Felipe: In an earlier interview you told me how it’s been the creating process of the new album. Now more calm and seeing the past could you describe the time dedicated to the album. What happened in that time that you could name “significant” and how the album was developed?
Daniel: Interestingly enough, Worship appears to be a rare constant in my life, as I have been living in different places every album, totally at a different stage in my life in all areas… The distances between the albums were sometimes so large that I totally had to record them in a new different way due to different equipment, different skills etc. The most significant change is that my drummer Sepulchralis had the chance to join me in studio for this one, his drumming moves everything to a different level I think…

Felipe: There is a significant continuation of the sound of the band between both of your Lps. I consider this like a strong sense of transcendence. I think this is unique. Many bands try to get that sort of solidity but never did. What’s your opinion about it?
Daniel: Hmm. I don’t know… Maybe I feel a stronger sense of respect for our roots than others. Because Max is no longer here, I feel I need to stay close to our original vision out of respect.
But I do try to evolve. Our style is not very broad, but as it is emotion-driven, we can still do a lot of things, as long as they feel “right” for WORSHIP.

Felipe: Actually, I still can listen the voice and soul of Max. I could see his spirit very involved in the album. What kinds of inspirations were necessary to sound just like the album sounds?
Daniel: The inspiration for this album was a very detailed dream I had. It’s very rare that my dreams make sense, or are actually useful. So when I woke up and had the whole storyline and setting of “Terranean Wake” in my hands, I decided on the spot to use it for the album. As it is dream-powered, it is close to primal fears and emotions…  Those raw images are strong and disturbing – they go through the filters of reason and are hard to grasp…

Felipe: Who or whom are recipients of merit to contribute to the album?
Daniel: Creating a WORSHIP album is a quite lonely endeavour. That makes it rather personal. I work on composition and lyrics alone, and play most of the instruments. As I said, this time I had my drummer with me in studio, that was a very welcome change.

Felipe: How have been the responses of the fans to the album? How have been the comments of the media's? Do you have the chance to play alive the new songs?
Daniel: “Dooom” and “Last CD” still have better reviews, whatever that might mean. As the latest album is very close to me, and I feel very good about how far we have come, I can’t understand how people can like “Terranean Wake” less than the other albums, but of course, to each their own taste.
The feedback from fans is quite good, always welcome.  We are playing two songs from our new album live, and they are among my favourite tracks on stage.

Felipe: What are the closest plans of Worship and how the life goes on composing music to games?
Daniel: We are very much looking forward to our European tour in May with LOSS, and are working on our next album. The material is fully composed, it will be long and massive…
Yep, I am composing fulltime nowadays. It is a weird life, and very demanding for mind and sanity. I originally hoped that it would leave me more spare time for my band, but that turned out to be wrong. Still, WORSHIP is more active than ever before this year. And we have a lot of plans for the future!

Felipe: Thanks again Daniel for your time. It’s always an honor. This space is for a personal thought or a goodbye.
Daniel: Thanks to our fans for the many years of support. Spread the news about WORSHIP! For news about our band, check out https://www.facebook.com/WorshipDoom, and merch is available at http://www.endzeitelegies.com.

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