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Darkflight - Interview 2017

En el último tiempo he comenzado a buscar poder entrevistar a todas aquellas bandas que han producido en mi sensaciones únicas y potentes. Para ser sincero, son varias las que me han marcado, de una u otra forma, y que han hecho de mi existencia algo mucho más rico y armonioso; la música es uno de los ingredientes más determinantes a mi existencia, me completa, me da energía, me anima, me deprime, me da luz y un sinnúmero de otras sensaciones.

Dar tributo a los ejemplos que han hecho de mi vida lo subliminal que es se vuelve una obligación; más aún cuando cuento con la colaboración desinteresada de las agrupaciones más relevantes en sus personales escenas. No es solo mi fascinación, sino que comparto el optimismo y los sueños de otros miles repartidos por el mundo.

El pago al trabajo, tanto del entrevistado como del entrevistador, es algo que muy pocas veces se puede dimensionar; sin dinero de por medio, solo soporte y apoyo bilateral, respeto mutuo y cariño a la distancia. Si somos tan pocos en el mundo, debemos cuidarnos y respetarnos. Así pienso que debe ser tratada la agrupación DARKFLIGHT.

Desde Bulgaria, sabiendo que ya tienen un punto en contra por luchar solo por ser de ese país, han dado batalla año tras año por mantener una idea y por hacer fluir el arte. Con intensidad, pasión, honestidad, valentía, fuerza y mucho corazón el dúo, ahora solo uno sigue con la banda, ha presentado trabajos de calidad y de muy alto vuelo para la escena.

Hoy, con mucho orgullo puedo entregar la más reciente entrevista: Ivo Iliev, el hombre tras DARKFLIGHT.

Disfruten la entrevista y disfruten la vida. Hasta siempre.

FELIPE: Esteemed, thank you very much for wanting to participate. I confess a fan of the group
DARKFLIGHT: Thank you for your interest in our band, Chile is a country (and the bigger part of South America) is a region that I hold dear to my heart and actually had ideas to move/relocate to live there permanently!! Being on the southern hemisphere of Earth near Antarctica is a dream of mine for so long.

FELIPE: Could you make an introduction to the group: Path members and albums.
DARKFLIGHT: Currently I am the only member of the band since Dean moved with his family to Canada, but I will probably introduce a new drummer once we reach an agreement with the new guy. So far we have 4 (3 full lengths and 1 EP) albums released for different labels through the years.

FELIPE: What influences you had to get to that sound so himself?
DARKFLIGHT: Well, in the early 90s obviously I was pretty much influenced by the BIG 3 of Death Doom Metal, PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA, but the biggest impact on me was CATHEDRAL’s album “Forest Of Equilibrium”, when I heard it for the first time it was everything that I wanted to hear from music, even knowing CANDLEMASS before that didn’t give me this pleasure of Doom Metal. Later when all those bands had an identity crisis, changing styles and so on, the only one that I still love is ANATHEMA. Also the earlier works of the german EMPYRIUM and SOPOR AETERNUS had a significant influence on us.

FELIPE: What is your opinion on the bands CLOUDS, HAMFERD and MOURNFUL CONGREGATION? The first two are quite recent and the third is already a turning point in the scene.
DARKFLIGHT: CLOUDS - wasn't too impressed with this project, great people are involved, but somehow the music didn't sit right with me. HAMFERD -  is one of the bands that are AMAZING live -  i was stunned when i saw them playing live and yet while listening to their recorded music doesn't give me the same feelings, it could probably be a production thing, dunno. MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - classic funeral doom... pretty good in my opinion maybe the riffs are a bit too repetative for my taste though.

FELIPE: How difficult has it been to want to live life playing extreme music?
DARKFLIGHT: Not difficult at all, this has been a hobby of mine for so many years, I started playing very, very young 14 years old… of course being born in one of the poorest countries in Europe we had difficulties obtaining proper instruments and gear, but things have improved since then.

FELIPE: What have been the main complexities that have had to overcome to publish the albums of DARKFLIGHT?
DARKFLIGHT: Heh, it is funny you say that, coz I remember when we first attracted the attention of RAGE OF ACHILLES in 2002, it was like a dream come true, relatively big label interested in underground band that had the shittiest production, only then I realized that the musical ideas was what mattered, it gave us very strong motivation to put our best stuff out!! Unfortunately with the decline of music industry all of the labels that followed fell apart one by one, but having our name out there and some kind of respect of the underground helped us survive and kept us on putting new music in physical form.

FELIPE: How is the Metal scene in Bulgaria? Which groups can you recommend?
DARKFLIGHT: Fewer and fewer Doom bands unfortunately, I can personally recommend ELEVEN DROPS TO SINK INTO, Sofia based Death Doom project, the only member of the band has a guest appearance into our new album. Dear friend of mine. Also I can name SMALLMAN not exactly Doom, but great stuff. Some good Death Metal bands are ENTHRALLMENT and ABADDON.

FELIPE: What elements for and against have you experienced as a duo? How are decisions made and how have your albums been built?
DARKFLIGHT: Well, in the past working with Dean was so easy, he was the one with proper musical education very relaxed guy, calm and easy to work with, supportive, I’ve been working with him since my old band DREAMFLIGHT, I was responsible for the compositions, he provided help when needed, keep in mind that this started as a one man band, but having someone else’s perspective helps a lot of making the music and compositions way more mature and listener friendly.

FELIPE: How was the reception of your albums by specialized media and fans?
DARKFLIGHT: With the first album “Under the Shadow of Fear” the reviews were very controversial, with the bad production the bigger media like Metal Hammer and Kerrang kicked our asses pretty bad, but there was some underground zines that praised it… but getting bad reviews helps a lot, coz you see your mistakes and you try to fix them with the future stuff… Nothing should be accepted personally!! You can never please everyone, there will be always people disappointed with the direction you took or new people could discover the newer stuff and will hate the older material, I somehow feel obligated to put elements of all the periods into the music, but as a person I also change with the years, getting more mature, older or losing the good perspective for composing music. I can name some bands that I’ve lost respect for their composing abilities. Some albums need more time to be developed properly, putting out an album every year and having the same shit over and over again leads to disappointment, I call them “more of the same” albums. Maybe becoming wealthier and having less troubles harms the ability to create good music. Don’t know really. I try to let the seeds of music stay longer inside my mind until they hatch properly.

FELIPE: It gives the impression that you put a great effort to the lyrics of each album.
What influences do you have to build them and who is primarily responsible?
DARKFLIGHT: Lyrics are very important to me as all our albums are mostly conceptual. I really hope that the listeners can relate to them and can create their own world with our music as a soundtrack and their imagination as a guide… In the beginning I had a fantasy world in mind, but now my direction focuses mostly on DEATH and the transition to the afterlife, something that I’ve experienced with the passing of my dad in 2012. Only then I realized our mortality, it is one thing to hear about it, it’s something else to FACE it.

FELIPE: Do you feel that you have received less attention if you analyze the effort made for each of your albums?
DARKFLIGHT: We are a small underground band, we take a small place into the Doom scene I don’t really feel we’re unappreciated, every album has it’s merits good and bad sides… it’s been my hobby for so many years I really appreciate that our music reached so many people across the world. There was a guy who put a video on Youtube with our music as a background (a tribute to the Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin), the video had 500.000+ views, it was for me overwhelming that so many people have been exposed to my music with the track “A Call for the Dragons”… unfortunately it’s no longer up, I wonder how many more views it could get. I am fine with it all, even with the bad comments.

FELIPE: Have you been able to play live? How was the experience? With which bands that you stand out have been able to share tour or stage?
DARKFLIGHT: Unfortunately Darkflight had never played live, it was a dream of mine, but couldn’t find proper musicians nor had the time to organize and achieve it, it’s a studio project after all.

FELIPE: How is your day to day? Do you work, study or dedicate yourselves entirely to music?
DARKFLIGHT: Well I am working, having a regular job is normal, can’t pay the bills with this kind of music, less and less time for it unfortunately.

FELIPE: Which bands are a referent for your musical proposal? Do you take influences from any other discipline? Painting, cinema, literature, etc.?
DARKFLIGHT: Lately love the music of SHAPE OF DESPAIR, EVOKEN, THE FORESHADOWING, SATURNUS, just to name a few well thought musically and good quality Doom bands, also when I have the time I’m reading a lot of science fiction, loving the books from “THE EXPANSE” series and even the TV serial, I can recommend it highly to everyone who loves science and space exploration.

FELIPE: What groups identified as a reference and influences each of the members? What musical groups are listening to the moment?
DARKFLIGHT: Since I am the only member now I think I responded to that in the previous question. Currently I am listening to SUSANNE SUNDFOR.

FELIPE: Are you aware of the global scene of Doom? What groups stand out? Are you aware of any American group, and more particularly a Chilean?
DARKFLIGHT: Yes, I love it!! I mentioned the bands that stand in the above question could add MOURNING BELOVETH & DREAD SOVEREIGN, unfortunately I know very little about the Chilean scene, I absolutely love PROCESSION (if you could consider them Chilean) MOURNING SUN are also good band, couldn’t watch them when they played here some time back, but my friends told me they were awesome!!

FELIPE: Do you work on new compositions? Can you anticipate something?
DARKFLIGHT: I’ve just finished recording the fifth album called “The Hereafter”, it has six songs with nearly 60 min playing time, worked on it 3 years and I am very satisfied with the result. It has the true DARKFLIGHT essence intact, LOTS of ideas wrapped in a great concept!!

FELIPE: What new bands in the Doom scene do you consider to be a contribution and which old bands do you see as a referent?
DARKFLIGHT: PLATEAU SIGMA are promising new band, as for the old bands - ANATHEMA are still putting out good stuff up, even if it can’t be considered Doom.

FELIPE: How has the crisis that has been experienced in Europe in recent times affected to you personally? Refugees, political crises and the social movement.
DARKFLIGHT: Europe is turning to shit, slowly plunging into chaos, I am really afraid where all this will lead, I think there’s some kind of insanity into our leaders, nobody gives a fuck about people’s opinions, I don’t even want to get into politics, but NOW you could appreciate how far you are from this shit and maybe I secretly wish that I was away from this, somewhere at some outpost in the Antarctica’s coast.

FELIPE: Personally, how do you understand life and death? What reflection do you have when you think about our present times?
DARKFLIGHT: Our reality has changed through the years, it shifts with each decade and i can see how gradually we're being misled, fed with stupid lies and you can see through the cracks of how humanity is leaning towards self destruction, i really hope that something major will happen that will drastically change the world as it is... something like an alien visitation or something similar, otherwise we are fucked.
Life is what it is, your own perception of reality, death however could be a new beginning, a trip through dark space, new dimensions and that's where our new album will take you!!

FELIPE: Do you have a relationship with religion? Do you respect them? Is it indifferent to you?
DARKFLIGHT: I am an atheist myself, i hate ALL forms of organised religion, as you can see people kill each other on a daily basis for some stupid beliefs and agenda - this is getting more and more ridiculous with each year. Some people are profiting from this, SAD story really...

FELIPE: We deeply appreciate the time, willingness and desire to want to participate in this space.
Any news, music or news release, have open doors in this part of the world. This space is for personal reflection or a farewell. Thank you very much and goodbye.
DARKFLIGHT: Thank you as well!! Check out our stuff, watch out for the new album and take care!!

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